April 26, 2023
Hollywood Beach, FL

Recent Wins
In November 2021, Team USA Footvolley, with Will Lobato and Nick Mendonca, reached the Championship Match of Nations Cup before losing a thriller to Paraguay.
In Nations Cup, Team USA faced various Tour squads with different nationalities.  Lobato/Mendonca were on fire that weekend.  Losing to Paraguay is respectable.
Since then, Team USA Footvolley have faced an Argentine squad of Tour athletes Jose Vidal & Julian Conditi in September of 2022.  In that match,
with regular starters unavailable Team USA went with veteran Sergio Menezes and Will Lobato.  The US won that match.

Olympics / World Tour
Footvolley is becoming a global game with more and more interest in the sport around the World.   Pro Footvolley Tour is proud to provide Team USA its
athletes to best suit the National Team come future international developments in the sport.

Over the next three Tour Stops the top American athletes will compete together to better assess how they fare for some familiar and some un-familiar competition.

‘We have never had a stronger Team USA team like we have now with the young athletes showing so much promise.  It’s a great moment for us.
Besides that, everyone loves seeing Team USA compete.  We will throw some great competition their way!  Time for some amazing action!’
– Carlos Montemor, Sr. – Tournament Director

Fernando Plentz will compete with Team USA Footvolley at Hollywood Beach, FL in May (photo by Bob Aaron)

Who is on Team USA?
Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato; Jonathan Silva; Nick and Danny Mendonca; and veteran Fernando Plentz have all been called for duty.

As for the women, Melony Blanco and Kaitlyn Brunworth have been selected Team USA Footvolley Ladies

Pro Footvolley Tour will feature top international professionals to face-off against the top US athletes on May 6/7, May 13/14, and May 20/21.
The competition will be held on Hollywood Beach, FL at Indiana Street.

‘Although we will be bringing in some incredible athletes from Brazil – it should be noted that we are fortunate to have such depth of talent here!  We don’t necessarily have to fly in so many folks from across the Atlantic, or from South America, to challenge our Team USA athletes.  We do it anyways; but just from the Tour itself – our American athletes face stiff competition!  Let’s see how our National Team players do!’
– Carlos Montemor, Sr.