May 21, 2023
Hollywood, FL

Team USA Wins the Final Test Series

Different Team USA; but same result against the same finalist.  With Jonathan Silva and Nick Mendonca out on the weekend (both with nagging injuries), Team USA fielded a new squad in Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato and Fernando Plentz.  Different team, same result!  The Brazilians were hoping to take one title home; but the phenom Landim will have to wait until next time as he and Lucas Paes fell in the Championship Match for the 3rd Weekend in a row!

Paraguay’s Moises Davalos and Ivan Davalos proved a tough test early for the Americans; but Team USA were able to pull through.
Some excellent play also came from Italy’s Antonio Santarsiero and Paraguayan Julio Vera.
In the semi-finals both Team USA and Brazil had light-work against Tour All-Star teams respectively before reaching the final.

Some shots from today!

Results on the day:
Match 1: Menezes/Santarsiero 25 X Montemor/Schneider 17
Match 2: Vera/Sodre 25 x Menezes/Santarsiero 20
Match 3: Vera/Sodre 25 X Montemor/Schneider 16
Match 4: Landim/Paes 25 x Davalos/Davalos 13
Match 5: Plentz/Lobato 25 x Davalos/Davalos 17
Match 6: Plentz/Lobato 25 x Landim/Paes 21
Match 7: Vera/Sodre 25 x Davalos/Davalos 10
Match 8: Menezes/Santarsiero 25 X Montemor/Schneider 23
Match 9: Plentz/Lobato 25 x Menezes/Santarsiero 20
Match 10: Landim/Paes 25 x Vera/Sodre 16
Match 11: Plentz/Lobato 25 x Landim/Paes 22