May 20, 2025
Hollywood, FL

Thamara Moreira is a professional footvolley athlete on the rise.  Recently she has vaulted to the top of the Brazilian circuit and her play has shown here on the Pro Footvolley Tour as being top-notch as well.  She had a nearly perfect day this Saturday on Hollywood Beach, FL.

In Mixed Doubles, she was the big winner playing alongside veteran Sergio Menezes.  The two upset heavily favored Melony Blanco and Will Lobato and ended up winning the Mixed Doubles Challenge.  Later, alongside Melony Blanco – what went to a rematch saw the two females winning the Battle of the Sexes match versus Argentine professionals Darío Daicz and Martins.

Menezes/Moreira Upset Team USA Lobato/Blanco!

Ladies Come back to Win Match 2 in crowd-please revenge!

Results on the Day:
Match 1: Lobato/Menezes 25 x Avila/Sodre 19
Match 2: Moreira/Menezes 25 x Lobato/Blanco 17
Match 3: Moreira/Menezes 25 x Avila/Leao 10
Match 4: Lobato/Blanco 25 x Avila/Leao 10
Match 5: Pack/Dario 25 x Blanco/Moreira 17
Match 6: Blanco/Moreira 27 x Pack/Dario 25
Match 7: Lobato/Sartesiamo 25 x Sodre/Menezes 18
Match 8: Lobato/Montemor 25 x Sodre/Avila 20
Match 9: Moreira/Lobato 25 x Menezes/Blanco 20
Match 10: Lobato/Montemor 25 x Menezes/Avila 17
Match 11: Lobato/Blanco 25 x Moreira/Montemor 21