May 13, 2023
Hollywood, FL

                                                              Team USA Repeats as Champion in Stunning Fashion

Jonathan Silva (Deerfield Beach, FL) and Nick Mendonca (Coconut Creek, FL) once again win on Hollywood Beach and against the very same opponent as last week: Brazil!

Team USA’s Jonathan Silva/Nick Mendonca finished off Sergio Menezes / Thanos Ntosis 25-20 while Brazil’s Caio ‘Landim’ Amorim Mangabeira and Lucas Paes beat Johnny Barreto and Gustavo Teodoro 25-18 to reach the Championship Match.

In the Championship Match, Jonathan and Nick were spectacular; however, the 19-year old Mangabeira nearly stole the show with a narrow loss.  The Americans won in decisive fashion 25-20 to capture their second Championship in a row!

Champions Jonathan Silva and Nicholas Mendonca of Team USA

Gustavo Teodoro at the Net (played with Johnny Barreto)

Miami’s team of Mikael Madeira and Matheus Soares

Barreto / Teodoro

Greece’s Thanos Ntsitous played well and reached the Semi-Finals with Sergio Menezes

Mexico’s Side of Gerardo ‘Jerry’ Ruiz and Gerardo Torres played well …

Mexico’s Jerry Ruiz with a reverse Shark Attack!

Brazil’s 19-year old phenom Landim

Brazil’s Lucas Paes going for a 2-point Shark Attack

Match Results
Match 1: Menezes/Thanos 25 X Madeira/Soares 20
Match 2: Barreto/Teodoro 25 x Madeira/Soares 23
Match 3: Barreto/Teodoro 25 x Menezes/Thanos 12
Match 4: USA Silva/Mendonca 25 x Mexico Ruiz/Torres 22
Match 5: USA Silva/Mendonca 25 x BRA Landim/Paes 22
Match 6: BRA Landim/Paes 25 x Mexico Ruiz/Torres 12
Match 7: Menezes/Thanos 25 x Mexico Ruiz/Torres 21
Match 8: Barreto/Teodoro 25 x Madeira/Soares 14
Match 9: USA Silva/Mendonca 25 x Menezes/Thanos 20
Match 10: BRA Landim/Paes 25 x Barreto/Teodoro 18
Match 11: USA Silva/Mendonca 25 x BRA Landim/Paes 21