May 7, 2023
Hollywood, FL

                                                                           America’s WunderKids Win the 1st Test Series

Jonathan Silva is the self-proclaimed ‘best American footvolley athlete’ and today he left little doubt to his claim.
Team USA’s Silva and Nick Mendonca put on an incredible display of athleticism and big defensive stops to win the 1st USA Test Series here on Hollywood Beach, FL.  This is Week 4 of the 2023 Pro Footvolley Tour presented by Genius Sports.

Jonathan Silva proved doubters wrong once again in winning Week 4 of the 2023 Pro Footvolley Tour … 

The Americans first faced a Pro Footvolley Tour team in the Semi-Finals composed of Pedro Lube / Leonardo Santana.  That wasn’t an easy match; but Silva/Mendonca were able to advance.  In the other Semi-Final, Team USA II of Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato & Johnny Barreto (San Diego, CA) lost to the Brazilians Caio ‘Landim’ Amorim Mangabeira & Lucas Paes.

Brazil versus USA in the Final … and Team USA came through before a raucous home crowd!
These pictures below, from an incredible Tour day, are courtesy of Roberto Aaron.

The 19-year old Landim was spectacular for Brazil throughout the tournament …

Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato & Johnny Barreto simply couldn’t get the job done versus Brazil in the Semi-Final …


It was evident that Landin had the skills and athleticism to win the Title; but Team USA’s Silva/Mendonca were just too much!

Nick Mendonca came up with huge 2-point shark attacks throughout the competition … 

Week 4 Champions and Winners of the 1st USA Test Series:  Jonathan Silva / Nick Mendonca

Results on the day:
Match 1: Peleo/Pedro 25 X Vera/Soares 17
Match 2: Menezes/Lopes 25 X Vera/Soares 19
Match 3: Peleo/Pedro 25  X Menezes/Lopes 20
Match 4: Silva/Mendonca 25 X Landim/Paes 22
Match 5: Lobato/Barreto 25 X Landim/Paes 21
Match 6: Silva/Mendonca 29 X Lobato/Barreto 27
Match 7: Peleo/Pedro 25 X Vera/Soares 13
Match 8:  Landim/Paes 25 X Menezes/Lopes 15
Match 9: Silva/Mendonca 25 x Peleo/Pedro 19
Match 10: Landim/Paes 25 x Lobato/Barreto 20
Match 11: Silva/Mendonca 25 x Landim/Paes 22