The professional footvolley athletes will have Easter Weekend to rest and enjoy with family.

Since the Season began on March 5, 2021, America’s only professional footvolley athletes have been going non-stop every weekend. Players have played in a slew of competitions not limited to Mixed-Doubles Tournaments, Challenge Saturdays, and Open Tournaments. The consistent schedule of competitions has worn some athletes down. Others have enjoyed the competition given the ample opportunities to win compensation based on results.

‘Its been tough. We started great – [Johnny Baretto and I] we won the first Weekend; but haven’t been able to reach the top again since. We’re getting close and it’s nice; but not good enough’ – Maxi Schenfeld

‘The players hadn’t competed for quite some time before the start of the Season. Each week, the level of play is noticeable better. There’s a few teams always in the mix to win it; but Luke/Karl have been brilliant lately’ – Sergio Menezes