March 28, 2023
Hollywood Beach, FL

Mixed Doubles Returns
With two Mixed Doubles tournaments in the books – the anticipation for the 3rd tournament is high amongst the athletes.

‘We will go on break for about a month … so YEA – I want to win this one!’
Leticia Paes stated via text message

Leticia Paes in Action on March 18, 2023 – Photo by Adriana Drika Designs

The field looks eerily similar to the first two tournaments with both defending Champions readying themselves for Saturday.  Kaitlyn Brunworth will go with her fiance Fabricio Borancoski while Marina Leal should return with Gabriel Sodre.  Team USA star Melony Blanco looks to return to the competition with a TBD partner as Fernando Plentz appears unable to compete, this weekend, with a thigh injury.   Daniela Diaz, Andrea Gomes, Annita Gomez are amongst more competitors lining up this Saturday on Hollywood Beach, FL.

Melony Blanco will be back on Week 3 on Hollywood Beach, FL – photo by Robert Aaron

Men’s Professional Division
With the Men’s Pro’s … this time – the teams will be different.  Moises Davalos will go with Nick Mendonca.  Jonathan Silva and Danny Mendonca will pair-up as well.  With qualifiers taking place on Saturday, it will be interesting to see which teams make it through to Sunday.  Julio Vera, Carlos Montemor, Thiago Santos, Leo Gomes all appear ready for another chance to compete for the Title in Hollywood.  Will any of the lower ranked teams; however, be enough of a challenge for the top ranked teams?  That will be something for the fans to wait and see.

Can Will Lobato reach the Championship Match once again?  – Photo by Robert Aaron