Team USA #1 Team Finish Runners-Up in Group A

Nick Mendonca (Coconut Creek, FL) and Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato (Pembroke Pines, FL) got off to a great start, on a cloudy Hollywood Beach day, at the 2021 Nations Cup.  The Team USA duo finished 2nd in Group A with blow-out wins over Portugal (Tavares/Lasmar) 25-9 and Mexico (Souza/Vera) 25-8; but then fell to Paraguay Martinez/Davalos 25-19.

‘Windy day.  We still were able to get our passing down.  That led to a pretty consistent attack.  We dropped that last one; but overall a positive start for sure.’
– Nick Mendonca on Team USA’s debut

‘Nick getting up and delivering shark after shark after shark relieves me of some of that offensive burden.  It’s nice.  Not used to it; but I like it’
– Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato

The Americans were dominate in both matches to start the event.  In the last match of the day, versus Paraguay, the South Americans had less errors and were able to rally to victory.  The Paraguayans were even able to deliver a surprise Shark Attack late in the match.

‘Yea, I am not a Shark Attack specialist; but the opportunity came and I took advantage of it.  We are happy with our performance today’.
– Moises Davalos for Paraguay

Group A:
Paraguay  9 Points
USA          6 Points
Mexico     3 Points
Portugal   0 Points

Final Scores:
Paraguay 25 – Mexico 12
USA 25 – Portugal 9
Paraguay 25 – Portugal 15
USA 25 – Mexico 8
Paraguay 25 – USA 19
Mexico 25 – Portugal 21

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