Hollywood, FL
Sept 14, 2022

The 2022 Pro Footvolley Tour, presented by Genius Sport, returns with an action-packed weekend on Hollywood Beach, FL.   Some big names return to the competition; but before the Sunday tournament Team USA is facing Paraguay in a highly anticipated match.  Jonathan Silva, 20, of Deerfield Beach, FL and Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato, 21, of Pembroke Pines, FL team up to face a stiff challenge against Paraguay.  The South Americans come in with veteran Victor Martinez, 42, and the 26-year old Tour sensation Moises Davalos.

The Americans come in as under-dogs; but have a good opportunity to shock that World Beaters.

‘Sure, on paper, Paraguay may have a better team.  There’s more history there; but we have the 2-point shark attacks that they don’t and that just may prove the difference if we can keep the match close till the end’ – Will Lobato

In addition to this international match, some ‘big time’ Challenge Matches are also on schedule for Saturday.  This includes mixed doubles with Tour stars Fiorella Pellegrini, Leticia Paes, Thais Alves, and Andrea Gomes.

On Sunday, the top 8 teams on the Pro Footvolley Tour battle it out on another stop.  Davalos/Silva remain favorites to win on Sunday with Lobato/Martinez as top contenders also vying for the title.  Matches begin 12 Noon both days.