Hollywood Beach, FL
Nov 4, 2023

With this weekend’s event series cancelled due to inclement weather – the focus shifts to Team USA and next weekend.

The two Team USA Footvolley squads will face a severe challenge against top international competition and the Tour’s own All-Stars.
For Team USA – Fernando Plentz will pair-up with Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato while Nick Mendonca and Jonathan Silva return.
Recall that in May, Team USA Footvolley went 3 for 3 in the Spring International Series.  Two victories by Mendonca/Silva and one by Lobato/Plentz.
Will things be different now with the arrival of Paraguay and Brazil?  Paraguay comes with Vitor Martinez & Moises Davalos.  Two familiar faces on the Tour.
As for the Brazilian squads, Lucas Paes and ‘Landin’ return.  A new U-17 Brazil squad with two twin teenagers make their debut on the Tour.  Gustavo and Felipe Elias
both of Sao Paulo are eager to compete and have shown tremendous promise in the professional ranks already in Brazil.

In addition to the National Teams, the Tour will also feature All-Star teams of its own.   These team lists have not yet been released.

Event will occur across from Ocean Alley Restaurant on Hollywood Beach, FL.
12pm -4pm both days with limited seating