May 18, 2024

Moises Davalos and Jonathan Silva Reunite and Win Stop 4

Organizers moved the Men’s Finals to Saturday due to weather concerns; but unlike the weather which is unpredictable – on the sand, what was expected to happen happened.   With Jonathan Silva and Moises Davalos returning as partners – they entered the competition as clear favorites.  They played that way and ended the day undefeated and Stop 4 Champions.

Victor Martinez – who played fantastic footvolley – on Stop 3 with Thiago Cunha opted for Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato for Stop 4.  Thiago’s nagging thigh injury kept him away from Hollywood for the weekend.  As always, SuperBoy was brilliant.  As for Martinez, the dream of winning on Hollywood Beach faded once again at the worst moment.  Both times Martinez/Lobato faced Silva/Davalos they came away losers.  In the Championship match, the duo led 23-21 and it appeared that they would upset the favorites; but fate wouldn’t favor them this Sunday.  Silva made big defensive stops late and Davalos ended the match with a 2-point Shark followed by a missel header.

Gabriel Souza (Orlando, FL) came with a new partner Diogo Cassano (RJ, Brazil).  The 20-year old is improving this game and closing the gap with the A-level competitors; however, his partner’s play left much to be desired.

Another relatively new squad, that after showing promise on Stop 3, was invited back was the Hungarian / Canadian squad of Karoy Csak and Robin Sibalin.  The pair played had a difficult time against Menezes/Diniz and then didn’t fare well versus Montemor and De Palma.

‘Perhaps it was the Birthday blues … not sure what happened today; but the only celebration from today will be Robin for his birthday!  We expected more.’ – Karoy Csak

Future Star?
One athlete that quickly caught the audience’s attention was the 15-year Matteo De Palma.  The soccer prodigy plays at Inter-Miami and is a footvolley aficionado as well.  His game is – legit!  With a great set ball, smart headers, and extreme quickness – De Palma proved his talent won’t go unnoticed.  

‘That’s the future right there!  Jonathan, Will, Nick, Danny, Teo, Gabe … you all have yourselves a competitor coming through the ranks!’ – Carlos ‘Piu’ Montemor Jr. on his partner Matteo De Palma

Matteo and Montemor together on Saturday May 18

‘Footvolley at the highest levels requires patience.  I’ve been putting in the work.  Training hard; but you have to understand that the talent level with the finalists is World Class.  Nothing to be ashamed of by losing to Martinez/Lobato.  The goal here is to stay focused because my day will come as well’ – Gabriel Souza after Semi-Final loss