Week 1 Pro Footvolley Tour from Pompano Beach (FL)

The Super Six just became the Double Daily for Maxi Schenfeld.  On Day 2, Schenfeld left as Champion.  Again.   This time the Chilean-Argentine paired up with the Tour veteran Joao Barreto (Huntington Beach, CA) and the pair played exceptional footvolley.  Nothing expected happened on Saturday.  Meneghisso/Roque were eliminated in the Semi-Finals.  They had previously lost a group stage match as well.   Not common.  The loss?  Came to Barreto/Schenfeld.  In another surprise, Lobato/Paes failed to get out of the group and into the elimination round.  Instead, Ferreira/Gomes advanced and went the distance to the final.  Eventually, Ferreira/Gomes ended up losing to Barreto/Schenfeld.

‘Getting the win was important.  Getting the win two days in a row is fantastic!  I feel great!  Hopefully I have legs for tomorrow’
– Maxi Schenfeld on Week 1 Super Six win today

‘Maxi has improved considerably.  He has a nice shark and is defending well.  Great footballers (soccer players) can be exceptional defenders quickly.  He has shown that’.
– Joao Barreto on his partner’s starting rapid ascent on the Tour