Fernando Plentz Wins It with Teodoro!

It had been awhile for Fernando Plentz; but the Tour’s All-Time winningest athlete returned to the top of the podium with a win at Stop 2 of the 2024 Pro Footvolley Tour presented by Genius Sports.  Playing alongside the defending Champion – Gustavo Teodoro (New Orleans, LA) – the 42 year old veteran played composed and delivered his team a victory in an emotionally charged Championship Match.  The runners-up Victor Martinez and Thiago Cunha left little doubt as to their potential together as well.   With the Final Score 25-22, Teodoro makes it 2 for 2 in 2024.  That’s two Championships in two Tour Stops.

SuperBoy Left Pondering
Will ‘SuperBoy’ – America’s #1 Footvolley athlete – left Sunday wondering if his decision to move on from the Plentz partnership was the right move.  Instead, Lobato went with Joao ‘Big John’ Schimming on Sunday.  That decision came from the ultra-impressive Stop 8 of the 2023 Tour where ‘Big John’ came away Champion.  This Sunday was nothing like that one back in December of 2023.  Schimming had a sporadic day of impressive shots; but also a litany of errors.  Compounding his mistakes led the team to a disappointing Semi-Final exit at the hands of Martinez/Cunha 25-18.

Schimming & Lobato disappointed with the Semi-Final exit …

Tour’s Newest Star?
Until this weekend, Thiago Cunha has been somewhat of an enigma.  Great shark.  Decent defender.  Inconsistent setter.  This weekend, it seems that Thiago – from Fort Lauderdale, FL – has begun to cover those previous gaping holes in his game.  What a weekend Cunha had!  From being served the entire tournament and putting shots away to then consistently setting well his partner – Cunha really made a claim to becoming a future star on the Tour.  With all that – one eerily mistaken set-ball; however, made it difficult for Victor to put a shot away that perhaps was a big momentum shift in the later stages of the final.   All in all … Thiago Cunha is here to stay!

Results on the day:

Paraguayan Victor Martinez was runner-up once again …

Gustavo Teodoro goes 2-2 in 2024

Baronkowski played well with Montemor all tournament long

Felipe Moreira provided some incredible shots on Sunday alongside Thanos Ntoudis

Greece’s Thanos Ntsoudis

Montemor/Baronkowski reached the Semi-Finals for the first time on the Tour …