Fiorella Pellegrini Wins Queen of the Beach on Week 2 The Argentine footvolley star wins the first Mixed Doubles competition of 2022.   Fiorella Pellegrini paired up with Julio Vera and took home the Tour’s first Queen of the Beach Title. With wins over Leticia Mangabeira / Lucas Paes and Will Lobato / Kayra; Pellegrini was able to end the day undefeated. ‘Julio played great.  His game compliments mine well.  He doesn’t try to over-compensate because he is with a female.  I like that.  It’s 50/50 with him.  As it should be’ – Pellegrini after winning the 1st Place Medal ‘Fiorella is just head and shoulders above the competition right now.  Her set balls come perfect off her shoulder.  And she has multiple attacks and isn’t afraid of going second ball.’ – Julio Vera on his partner In Mixed Doubles, when a female scores it counts as two points.  This is a new wrinkle in Pro Footvolley Tour’s rule book.  This rule change has evened the serve distributions.   Before, most serves went on the female player – as the male generally has a stronger attack; however, now with the female having a chance to score 2-pointers the men have begun receiving serves more so than ever before. ‘It has definitely changed the game.  For the better – I might add.  Now, you have to think twice about who you serve’ – Martin Girotto