Moreira is Queen while Lobato Takes King’s Crown

Another sunny Saturday afternoon on the Pro Footvolley Tour and two of the top Tour athletes once again finished atop the podium.  In the 3 match King of the Beach Series, William Lobato (Pembroke Pines, FL) came out on top with 2 victories, one loss, and a point differential of +13.  The points mattered because Fernando Plentz (Miami, FL) and Thiago Cunha (Fort Lauderdale, FL) also came away with two wins on the day as well.  Only Gustavo Teodoro (New Orleans, LA) finished nary a win.

‘My Tour opponents today were all top level.  I was fortunate to have won based on point differential.  It was close; but it was also super fun!’
– Will Lobato on his Kings of the Beach competition win

What is typical on Saturday afternoons – Mixed Doubles – featured a series of matches between Team USA’s Kaitlyn Brunworth against Brazil’s Thamara Moreira.  Both top professionals; but Moreira with a bit more experience came into the competition with a slight edge over her Tour teammate from Denver, CO.  In the first two  matches, Thamara came away victorious.  In the second match, a tight match that Thamara Moreira lifted her partner Carlos Montemor Jr. to victory over Brunworth and Baronkowski 25-22.   A determined fighter, Kaitlyn stormed back in Queen of the Beach 3 with a victory over the Brazilian.  In the last match, Kaitlyn played with Fabricio while Thamara paired up with the Greek Athlete Thanos Ntsousis.

‘Thamara is a hell of a competitor.  Getting one of three isn’t too bad.’
– Kaitlyn after the Third QOB Match

Saving the best for last, a two-game series saw Thamara & Kaitlyn face Thanos and Carlos Montemor, Jr. in the Battle of the Sexes Competition.  The men jumped to an early lead and coasted in the first match.  In the second match, the ladies showed character and came away with a big victory.  After adding up the points, the ladies won by a sheer point to claim the Title.

‘We beat the men … women are just better!’
– Thamara Moreira after the Win over Montemor/Thanos

Pics from an incredible Tour Day (all pics courtesy of Drika Designs):

Moreira with Lobato in their Mixed Doubles Win …

Moreira / Brunworth with the Win over Thanos / Montemor … by a mere one point!

Final Results on the Day:

Carlos Montemor in Action

Thanos Ntsoudis with the Shark Attack attempt

Montemor/Thanos x Brunworth/Moreira ‘Battle of the Sexes’

Final Results on the Day: