May 19, 2024

Thamara Moreira Wins Stop 4

As a World Class footvolley professional, Thamara Moreira was the clear favorite to win with Karol Barros.  Barring a miracle, it was expected and they won.
As for the competitors, they all gave their best; however, the gap is evident from World Class Thamara and the rest of the field.    Twelve professional athletes competed and unlike the favorites – upsets did occur.  The top two teams; however, clearly showed their superiority.  Allen-Viera and Zanella will be a formidable challenger to Moreira/Barros in the future.  They aren’t there now; but with practice they will be.

‘It was a such a historic moment for women’s footvolley.  This was the biggest and most important tournament for the sport in the US by far.  Honored to have played and now want to see this take off!’ – Ana Schardong

‘The ladies in the US are improving and that is due to training.  Training creates Champions!’ – Thamara Moreira

Results from Sunday:

Marina Leal / Isadora Diniz in Group Play

Gabriella Allen-Viera

Marina Leal

Daniela Diaz (Madrid, Spain)

Fabiola Zanella

Thamara Moreira (Salvador, Bahia Brazil)

Marina Leal

Ana Schardong

Jana Fleck

Duda Souza / Valentina Risco

Karol Barros