February 27, 2022
Week 5 Pro Footvolley Tour
Hollywood Beach, FL

Victor Martinez has done it all in footvolley.  He was a World Champion in 2010 and 2011 for Paraguay.  Tonight, he can add a King of the Beach trophy to his illustrious career and at-home collection.  With 8 athletes competing, Martinez was the only athlete to have finished the day undefeated.  The King of the Beach format is unique because players switch partners at ‘every round’.  Each athletes gets one opportunity to team-up with the other 7 competitors.

‘It was fun.  Tiring.  Too many matches and then to be asked to play the Mixed Doubles?  I can barely stand.   All in all, I am happy with the win and the event.  It’s always fun to mix things up a bit and today was just that.’
– Victor Martinez on winning King of the Beach

Second place went to Lucas Paes who had a successful afternoon; but could not beat Martinez in the two-times they faced each other.

‘It was fun.  Tiring.  Absolutely an incredible work-out to have to play so many matches.  Especially coming after a tournament yesterday; but this is why we play this amazing sport.  You get tired; but before you know it … you want to get back out there again!’
– Lucas Paes

The athletes that competed were:
Victor Martinez, Lucas Paes, Sergio Menezes, Thanasis Ntdousis, Gabriel Sodre, Candido de Souza, Carlos Montemor, and Martin Girotto

Final Standings
1st Place: Victor Martinez
2nd Place: Lucas Paes
3rd Place: Sergio Menezes
4th Place: Thanasis Ntdousis