November 12, 2023
Hollywood, FL

Team USA’s Nick Mendonca & Jonathan Silva can put together more drama in their footvolley elimination matches than any Hollywood scripted Netflix series.  What an afternoon.  What a Championship run.  What an ending! Team USA REPEATS!

‘We never stop believing.  Playing in front of a home crowd made the difference!  What a tremendous victory and even better atmosphere!  We are elated to have won this Championship!’ – Team USA’s Jonathan Silva after the win.

With the very last bit of light left and with both teams not giving up – Team USA defeated Brazil’s Landim and Lucas Paes in an absolute thriller!  The final score was a whopping 30-28!   In the Semi-Finals, it was a battle of both nations going at it.  Brazil’s favorites ousted the young kids from Sao Paulo, 25-21, while Silva/Mendonca beat their American teammates Plentz/Lobato 25-22.

Some shots from today’s incredible action courtesy of Drinka Designs