Hollywood Beach, FL (Center of the Planet)
March 19, 2023

2023 Season Kick-Off
America’s best footvolley professionals ended the 2023 Season Day 2 with a drama-filled competition till the last few points!   The Saturday qualifiers arrived into the Sunday finals to face the Top Seeds.  Day and Night.  The level between the qualifying teams and the top seeds was immediately noticeable.  None of the qualifying teams could muster any success against the more established top ranked teams.

Moises Davalos, Jonathan Silva, and Fernando Plentz before the tournament start on Sunday morning in Hollywood, FL
photo by Robert Aaron

Familiar Faces … Familiar Results
Jonathan Silva & Moises Davalos started 2023 looking in form and captured another Tour Championship together.   The Mendonca brothers were another team that showed themselves to be in position to capture a lot of success in 2023 as well.   When given the opportunity to avenge the exhibition loss from Miami Beach – last weekend – the brothers met that challenge with success.  The Lucas / Lucas combination of Lopes and Paes – showed promise; but individual talent without team cohesion proved to be a difficult hurdle for them to over-come on Sunday.  As for journeyman Fernando Plentz, he hasn’t lost a step even after eclipsing the fourth decade of his life; but the competition today is much better than just a few years ago.  Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato – once again faced another tournament where not one ball is served his way.  That proved to be detrimental as the strong side of Lobato/Plentz weren’t able to reach the Championship Match.

Plentz/Lobato were spectacular; but that wasn’t enough … the duo lost in the Semi-Finals to the Mendonca Brothers

Jonathan Silva danced to victory with Moises Davalos as they won Week 1 of the 2023 Season
Photo by Drika Designs Adriana