New York, NY
July 3, 2023

                                        Pro Footvolley Tour Offers Massive Summer Sale!

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With the athletes on-break after 6 Tour Stops – the league is focused on expanding participation of amateur athletes into footvolley.  One significant undertaking the Tour has done is offering unique Official Tour products at heavily discounted price points.

‘We can’t be everywhere; but everyone seems to want to learn (and play) footvolley.’
– Tour President Sergio Menezes

Lots of Tour athletes also coach soccer.  With that, the footvolley professionals slowly introduce footvolley within camps and practices for youth, and professional, athletes.
‘The kids absolutely LOVE footvolley day.  We have been doing footvolley practices once a week.  It’s funny because the best soccer players tend to also be the best at footvolley!’
– Melony Blanco Team USA Tour athlete and Owner/Operator of Shooting Stars Indoor Soccer in Davie, Florida

Pro Footvolley Tour Mini-Court
The Pro Footvolley Tour’s Official Mini-Court was created to get as many new-comers into the sport.   This is the ‘White Belt’ of footvolley.   With the Mini-Court being portable and easy to set-up, it is an absolute must-have product for those that love getting touches in.

‘The Mini-Court is how you get to have initial success with footvolley.  This is how I started and look – I played Division 1 soccer and professional.  The Mini-Court forces you to establish ball control.  Plus, it is very fun.   I would recommend every soccer household to have a Footvolley Mini-Court net system.  It’s a no-brainer!’
– Thanos Ntousis Professional Footvolley Tour athlete and Soccer Coach

‘I take my Mini-Court with me everywhere and we become the center of attention!’  Because it is portable, we set it up.  Play some and before you know it we have lots of folks wanting to try.  It’s a fantastic way of meeting people!  A treasure for soccer players!’
– Leandro Lasmar Pro Footvolley Tour athlete and former soccer professional athlete

Leandro Lasmar (on the left) having fun with his Official Mini-Court on South Beach (Miami Beach, FL)

Official Match Ball
The Pro Footvolley Tour match ball is the only one designed specifically for the sport of footvolley.  Unlike other brands that make opportunist claims with soccer balls, the Tour’s ball was designed to maximize performance in the match.  Without a doubt, the league has succeeded with this initiative!  The 2023 Official Tour Match Ball is on sale!

‘It doesn’t slip.  It’s not cheap and light.  It holds shape even when you shank it!  The bladder and hyde on this ball make it perfect!
I am thrilled the Tour designed and manufactured it’s own Match Ball because the soccer brands couldn’t care less about our sport.
Without a shred of doubt, this is the best ball for footvolley anywhere on the planet!  If you play footvolley – this is the ball to do that with!’
– Nick Mendonca, Team USA Footvolley Athlete

The Official Pro Footvolley Tour Match ball comes in Yellow/Blue & Blue/Yellow …

The most inviting court ever!  Perfect Summer Fun!

The Official Pro Footvolley Tour Mini-Court comes with a Travel bag.  The match ball must be purchased separately.