May 6, 2023
Hollywood, FL

The footvolley professional ladies stole the scene today on the beach.
First, the ladies competed in the Mixed Doubles competition and later it was the all-women matches.

In the Mixed Doubles competition, there were some major surprises.  Thamara Moreira/Sergio Menezes upset highly favored Team USA squad of Jonathan Silva/Melony Blanco.  Later, Moreira/Menezes would be Baroncoski/Brunworth (another highly favored squad).  Joao Barreto/Andrea Gomes played well as well; but lost in the Semi-Finals to Fiorella Pellegrini/Leonardo Santana.  In the Championship Match Pellegrini/Santana were too much for Menezes/Moreira.

In the All-Women Matches, Team USA (Melony Blanco/Kaitlyn Brunworth) beat Tour All-Stars Thamara Moreira (Brazil) and Fiorella Pellegrini (Argentina).  In the second match, Blanco/Moreira got the best of Pellegrini/Brunworth.

Thamara Moreira (Salvador, Brazil)


Fiorella Pellegrini (Buenos Aires, Argentina)




Melony Blanco (Miami, FL)

Jonathan Silva with the Shark Attack Shot versus Thamara Moreira/Sergio Menezes

Leonardo Santana – Mixed Doubles Champion playing alongside Fiorella Pellegrini

Thamara Moreira going long …

Overall an amazing day of footvolley with the top professionals competing.
Congratulations to the Mixed Doubles Champions:
Fiorella Pellegrini (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Leonardo Santana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Congratulations to MVP in All-Women’s Matches:
Melony Blanco