December 6, 2023
Hollywood, FL

The top footvolley professionals return to Hollywood Beach, FL for the last stop of the 2023 Season presented by Genius Sports.  Matches will take place Saturday and Sunday, December 9th and 10th, from 12 Noon to 4Pm.

Some big names will have new partners.

– Jonathan Silva (Team USA) will pair up with rising star Orlando based Joao Schimming.  Joao played in the 2021 Season; but hasn’t participated this year.

Lucas Paes opted for Thiago Cunha.  Pundits figured he’d pair up with Jonathan Silva … 

– Fernando Plentz is bringing another Orlando based young athlete in Gabriel Souza.  Gabriel played in March of this year and is another young athlete with tremendous potential.

– Will ‘SuperBoy’ Lobato has added Paraguayan Veteran Victor Martinez to his side.  The two played together in 2021 and 2022 and have won two Championships together.  They look to be the favorites going into the weekend.

SuperBoy is looking to get back to winning ways with Victor Martinez the veteran Paraguayan.

– Lucas Paes who had a brilliant showing with Landin at the 7th stop will go with local Thiago Cunha (Fort Lauderdale, FL) who is a familiar face on the Tour.

– Thiago Santos and Leo Gomes return.  This could be the moment  this team comes up with a big win as they also have a lot of chemistry having played together for 2 years now on the Tour.

Saturday will feature the return of Gustavo Teodoro.  The high flying ‘shark-master’ is expected to compete in several Challenge Matches with the likes of Will Lobato and other Tour stars.  Teodoro is always exciting to watch!

Injuries have prevented some top names to compete.  Moises Davalos (Shoulder), Nick Mendonca (Hamstring), and Lucas Lopes (Lower Back) have hampered their hopes.

With new teams, fresh faces; but veteran teams returning as well … it is anyone’s guess who wins the Final Event of 2023.  One thing is guaranteed … HIGH DRAMA with the Kings of the Beach providing to Hollywood!