Teodoro Earns His Three for Three in a Thriller Tournament

In what was perhaps the most exciting Pro Footvolley Tour competition in history – Bruno Milhomens and Gustavo Teodoro won Stop 3 after grueling marathon matches.
In the Semi-Finals – they had to beat the omnipotent Davalos/Lobato.  They did … in extra points.  In the final, once again extra points.  The players bodies ached; but they fought threw intense heat and the imposing side of Victor Martinez and Thiago Cunha.  The final ended 30 to 28.  When it appeared they would lose, Milhomens and Teodoro came up with clutch defense.  The duo thwarted match points in both Semi-Final and Championship matches.  Points in plural.  Multiple match points with their backs against the wall Teodoro and Milhomens were able to fend off defeat.  Remarkable defense brought remarkable drama.  It seemed like nobody would lose.  Milhomens and Teodoro were not only Champions; but co-MVPs for Stop 3.  What a Sunday on Hollywood Beach, FL!

The Tournament was set-up in a unique fashion with the Top Ranked teams in Group A and the Contenders Division in Group B.  The four teams in A would advance; however, the top two would earn Semi-Final spots while the bottom two would face the 2 advancing teams from Group B in the cross-over matches. 

Martinez/Cunha came away as the top ranked team in Group A with Davalos/Lobato in second.

In Group B, Menezes/Soares led the group with Karoy and Sibalin trailing yet advancing as well.

Martinez/Cunha would initially struggle versus Silva/Paes in the first semi-final; but then were able to find themselves and cruise to victory.  That would be their second victory over Silva/Paes in the tournament.  Quite a feat for the rising star Thiago Cunha!

In the second semi-final, Lobato/Davalos finally were able to overcome a match long deficit by taking the lead late in the match.  When it appeared they would advance – with match point – Teodoro/Milhomens came up with clutch defense. 

In the final … Teodoro/Milhomes were able to outlast Martinez/Cunha in an epic final.

What a weekend!

The 2024 Pro Footvolley Tour is Title Sponsored by Genius Sports.

The Official Tourism Partner is Visit Lauderdale

The Official Municipal Host Partner is City of Hollywood (FL)

Results for May 12, 2024, Stop 3 of the 2024 Pro Footvolley Tour: