America’s Top Footvolley Professionals Return March 18

The 2022 Pro Footvolley Tour, presented by Genius Sports, saw new talents emerge; yet some of the Tour’s brightest stars remained on top.   Jonathan Silva, Moises Davalos, Will Lobato, Fernando Plentz, and Nick Mendonca remained at the top of the competition throughout the latter part of the season.   The year ended with Nick Mendonca and Jonathan Silva proving to be the best team in the US.  Two times they proved their worth winning dramatic finals.  How will they, and the other top players, fare this year?

‘It was a long offseason.  We needed the rest and recovery.  I began preparations for the start of the 2023 season in January.  My workouts have been functional and technical.  I hope to remain healthy and at the top of my game this year.  It’s the slightest details that determines Championships on the Tour.  I hope I’ll get there again; but really the target is Jonathan Silva.  To win on the Tour you need to beat him!’  – Fernando Plentz (Miami, FL)

Other returning notable contenders for podium space are Gabriel Sodre, Pedro Lube, Julian Conditi, Julio Vera, Lucas Lopes, and Lucas Paes among others.

‘Footvolley is all about repetitive training to reduce errors and increase your offense.  The winners will be those that best prepared over the offseason.  For me, I’ve been training a lot of first reception balls.  That had been my weakness and I feel I have corrected that part of my game.  We shall see!’ – Julio Vera, Hollywood, FL

The 2023 Pro Footvolley Tour begins play on March 18th at 12 Noon on Hollywood Beach, FL.  Matches will be played between Van Buren St. and Virginia St. directly on the beach.